This stands for Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequencies. This technology has been around for over 100 years. For reasons that are a mystery, they were suddenly taken out of hospitals many years ago. The machine floods the body with electrons through a very brief, but intense, safe electromagnetic pulse. This causes cells to very quickly expand and contract, improving nutrient absorption. It has three FDA indications including bone healing, migraine and intractable depression.

We have found however, that it has many other applications. Since our cells run on electrons, there is virtually no cell in our body that cannot benefit from this technology. It works fantastically on all sorts of pain conditions. There have been anecdotal reports of regeneration of knee cartilage. Spinal stenosis, a very difficult if not untreatable condition, has shown improvement in some cases.

Our machine is probably the most powerful that can be obtained in the United States. There are weaker home versions, which do have some benefit, but would not generally yield the same results as in our office. Patients will report improvements in pain, energy and well-being.

The machine is safe but cannot be used if one has any implanted mechanical devices such as a pacemaker or morphine pump. Artificial joints, stents or other non-mechanical devices do not present a problem. 

The treatment lasts anywhere from ½ to 1 hour typically. You can either sit in a chair or lie down on a massage table. We have a full-length mattress as well as smaller pads depending on the area being treated. Usually patients will see some improvement after a few sessions, but experienced practitioners know that if a client will commit to 10 hours or more, they may see their life absolutely transform. The magnetic pulse field can be adjusted to your comfort.


This stands for Frequency Specific Microcurrent. This technology involves the use of frequencies to heal tissues. Dr. Grable has been using this modality for almost 20 years. Having been trained by the world’s expert, Dr. Carolyn McMakin, we have seen tremendous benefits in patients with a whole host of disease processes. The device uses millionths of an amp of electricity, an almost imperceptible current which flows through the area to be treated. It is absolutely safe, but to be on the safe side, anyone with implanted mechanical devices such as pacemakers or if pregnant, are not permitted to be treated

It is a two channel machine. In channel A is put the problem and in channel B, the tissue. For example, if treating a nerve injury, we might use inflammation or trauma in channel A and nerve in channel B. Dr. Grable has created various new programs depending on patient’s needs. We can also find frequencies in the Asyra machine, which can be utilized with the microcurrent device.

There are other forms of microcurrent in use, but these are not equivalent to frequency specific technology. Everything is energy, because of this, our bodies can be influenced by energetic signals. Studies have shown with the increases of 500% in ATP production, which is the “energy packet” that our body runs on. We have seen improvement in pain, skin problems, lung function, prostate function, stress, nerve function and many other conditions.