Alfa Thermometry


Computerized Regulation Thermometry is a whole-body medical procedure that we offer here at Complementary Care Center. It is one of the critical resources that we use to gather information about the functioning health and integrity of various tissues and organs, Alfa is gentle, painless, non-toxic, and non-invasive. 

The AlfaSight 9000 system analyzes and compares the behavior of 120 neuro-modulated skin temperature points that have been derived from over 30 years of use in over 500 medical centers worldwide. The system is able to recognize patterns of physiological dysfunction. It is a valuable adjunct to other diagnostic methods such as mammography, histology, CT and MRI.

The system of dynamic "regulation" thermography views the function of the nervous system's control of skin temperature to reflect problems within the body before overt pathology manifests. In this regard, regulation thermography can be utilized to distinguish between healthy tissue function, sub-clinical presentation, early onset of disease, and symptomatic presentation of a clinical disease. The report generated by AlfaSight 9000 provides you and your physician with a whole-body view, so that priorities for treatment can be accurately assessed and effectively addressed. 
The nervous system and spine are represented on the skin by what are called dermatomes. By analyzing over 20,000 patients, German physicians established strict reference ranges for how each dermatome should react to a cool stimulus. This gives information about the teeth, sinuses, thyroid, lymphatics, thymus, lungs, heart, breasts, intestines and pelvic organs. 
Dr. Rau at Paracelsus in Switzerland, a top international cancer center, utilizes this device in his patient analysis. Very precise science has gone into this technology and it serves as an invaluable adjunct.

The Alfa is not a diagnostic device, as it is only done by a doctor's diagnosis or pathological specimen analysis. It does however give us incredible clues as to the general health of your body. The sensitivity for breast disease was 88% versus mammogram at 66%. Frequent issues that come up include heavy metals, virus signatures, food allergy, blocked regulation and various other warning signs that indicate your body is out of balance. 

Dr. Grable recommends a baseline and a follow-up test in 3-6 months. A yearly thermogram is ideal for women over the age of 40. It is not meant to replace mammogram, but could certainly cut down on the number performed. There is no radiation or compression of the breast with the Alfa. 

After following the provided protocol, a trained staff member will begin to scan your skin at multiple points. After the first scan your will stand in the cool room for ten minutes, then the test is repeated. The response of your nervous system to this temperature change gives us great information about your teeth, sinuses, thyroid, lymphatics, thymus, lungs, heart, breasts, intestines and pelvic organs.