This device is in the family of what is referred to as “electrodermal screening”. To understand this technology is useful to look at a little history. Dr. Voll, a German in the 1950s, began experimenting with acupuncture points. We know that acupuncture points correspond to various parts of the body. It’s like a “window” into the body. Dr. Voll looked at electrical resistance at these various points. He found that when the resistance was at 50, the organ system was in perfect balance. Above 55 the system was inflamed and below 45 it was weakened or degenerated.

He was presenting a prostate cancer patient to a group of physicians. Initially the prostate point measured very low. After lunch, he rechecked the point in it was at 50. Baffled, he queried the patient who had brought with him a remedy for his disease. When removed from his shirt pocket, the reading went back down to its previous level. Each time the remedy was brought near the patient, it was reflected in a favorable way with the machine. 

Voll realized this was an incredible breakthrough. Not only could he discover systems that were out of balance, but could test various remedies to see if they would work. He began treating patients throughout Europe and had tremendous success.

A very bright electrical engineer by the name of Joe Galloway, computerized what Dr. Voll was doing. You see, everything is energy. This has been proven by quantum physicists. If you look at a “solid substance” and view it smaller and smaller, down to the electron level, it becomes a wave. A good analogy is to think of ourselves as “frozen light”. Everything can be represented by a sort of “energy signature” or fingerprint. This can be stored in the computer.

Joe Galloway’s son Mark, an astrophysicist, did three very nice clinical trials on the Asyra. Dr. Grable has been using this machine since 2005. Although not approved by the FDA for any kind of diagnosis (only conventional means are considered valid by mainstream medicine),  it does give us additional information to our history and physical. It starts out by analyzing all of our various energy pathways and then runs approximately 5000 tests very quickly.

The filters in the device are looking at what is called “causal chain”. This is in essence, the root cause of our symptoms. The Galloways found that it takes 3 to 12 sessions to get patients “balanced”. Dr. Grable performs these on a monthly basis. How many sessions needed depends on how sick you are. If you are a young healthy person, three sessions should be plenty. A patient with multiple symptoms and 20 years of chronic fatigue might require 12 or more to achieve significant improvement.

This machine is just a tool and is not designed to replace clinical judgment. It does however, provide fantastic insights into how our bodies are out of balance.

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