The ALFA test is computerized thermometry. Based on German research of 20,000 patients, we can glean much information from the body through the neurological system. A female technician will touch a probe gently to over 100 points on your body. After standing in a cool room for 10 minutes, these points are retested. It will give us a great deal of knowledge regarding your teeth, thyroid, lymphatics, lungs, heart, internal organs and breasts. German research found that it was 20% more sensitive in detecting breast problems than mammogram. The FDA has not approved Thermometry as a replacement for mammogram, but many ladies choose on their own, to reduce the number of mammograms to which they are exposed. Compression of breasts and putting radiation into them certainly cannot be beneficial.

This technique, although measuring temperature, is not the same as camera thermography. The Alfa test gives us much more precise information about each individual organ system. Temperatures are measured precisely and can give clues as to the chronicity and severity of various organ dysfunctions.

An excellent idea is to have an Alfa test done followed by the Asyra test. They complement each other and give us much more information than can be provided by conventional testing. This test is generally considered a noncovered service.

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