Where are you located?

We are directly behind Baptist Beaches hospital, between 13th and 16th Ave. South in Jacksonville Beach Florida. If coming from the North take Beaches Ave. East and take a right (south) on 9th street after going over the intercoastal waterway. Take a right (west) on 13th Ave., South. You will go past the hospital on your left and it will wind around turning into Roberts Street. We are in the office complex on the right (west side of the street).

If coming from the south take 3rd Street or A1A North to 16th Avenue South and turn left. 16th is roughly 2 miles north of JTB. There is a CVS pharmacy on the corner.  Follow that for several blocks and take a right on Roberts drive. We are in the second office complex on the left across from the hospital parking lot.


Can I keep my primary care physician?

This is fine as Dr. Grable can serve as an alternative consultant. If your primary is prescribing medications, then they should continue to do so. Having to physicians writing for the same medications gets confusing.


Do you have a cancellation policy?

Because we do not overbook, it is very important that patients keep their appointments. We have a $50 no-show fee for a 15 minute visit and $75 for a one half hour no-show. If you give us at least a 24 business hours notice, we are happy to cancel and reschedule your visit. If unusual circumstances should arise such as a car accident or the need to go to the hospital, we will of course take that into consideration. Patients at our office become very satisfied with our efficiency and lack of wait time.


Why do you ask for $100 deposit on new patient visits?

Because we book 45 minutes (which is very unusual in today’s time) this time is lost if you do not show for your new patient visit. This slot could have been filled by another person. Your deposit will be applied to your visit and if you should have total insurance coverage, you will be refunded or credited that money depending on your preference.


Is it okay to email?

This is one of the major perks of our practice. Because Dr. Grable types, it is a very efficient way to communicate. If you get home after a visit and have a burning question you forgot to ask, you are welcome to email. We cannot however engage in full office visits over email. This is not considered good medical practice.


Can I tape record our visit?

This is fine and actually encouraged so you can listen and relisten to the likely vast amount of information you will receive. We also provide numerous written documents. Our goal is to help educate you and have your questions answered.


Can I bring family members to my visit?

This is fine but two extra persons is about the limit that our office space can support. Most patients come by themselves or bring their spouse or parent.


Why do you ask patients to come 15 minutes early?

Because we try very hard to stay on time it is important to have your vitals collected and your intake form completed. Ideally you should sit in the blood pressure chair for at least five minutes prior to doing your vitals. If you come in right at your office visit time, you will lose several valuable minutes. Those 15 minutes of office visit time our precious in we want to utilize those. It is not fair to patients coming after you to make them wait. Our long-standing patients understand our clinic flow and really like it.

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