Complementary Care Center was begun in 1996. Dr. Grable is a board-certified internal medicine doctor who had five years’ experience in a hospital-based practice. Treating patients using a conventional model, pharmaceuticals were used to treat symptoms. It became evident to Dr. Grable that using chemical after chemical to modify physical or mental physiology, was not optimal.

 Dr. Grable became fully trained in five element acupuncture (although no longer practices acupuncture). This led to a 20 year exploration in what has been coined “functional medicine”. Thousands of dollars and hours have been spent studying various aspects of holistic medicine. The reader may view Dr. Grable’s curriculum vitae.

 Our clinic is unique in its approach to truly looking at the body, mind and spirit. We spend 45 minutes with new patients who have filled out an extensive questionnaire. By searching for and identifying root cause, one can begin the healing process.

 We see a wide variety of patients from someone just seeking a general physical to those with chronic fatigue syndrome. We can provide additional assistance into disorder such as autoimmune disease, cancer and pain. Balancing hormones is a large part of our practice. Essentially any problem that you have can be improved by identifying and balancing nutritional deficiencies, detoxifying and helping with emotional issues.

 Conventional doctors mean well, but they are simply following what they are taught at meetings and in journals. These journals are heavily funded by the pharmaceutical industry. Due to insurance and time constraints, physicians feel under great pressure to quickly come to a diagnosis. A study by Beckman in 1984 revealed that doctors, on average, interrupt patients after only 18 seconds. This stifles communication, makes patients feel they are not being heard and most importantly, makes it very difficult to come to an accurate diagnosis.

 Once conventional doctors reach a diagnosis, they pull out their prescription pad, which is a signal that the office visit is over. How many of you have experienced a physician who does not even sit down to talk with you?

 How many of you wait anywhere from ½ to 3 hours or more in the proverbial “waiting room”? At Complementary Care Center, we do not overbook. Dr. Grable tries very hard to stay on schedule because your time is very valuable.

 We take great pains to treat your problems using nutrition, homeopathy, herbs and various forms of energy medicine. If after an exhaustive trial is completed, if you have not seen improvement (unusual), we can resort to medication. Dr. Grable does not believe that alternative and conventional medicines are mutually exclusive. If for example you had a strep throat, we might use various nutraceuticals as well as penicillin. Most patients would agree that using common sense is always the best approach. By keeping up with both conventional (Dr. Grable has been board-certified three times and is current) and alternative medicine, we can offer the best of both worlds. Dr. Grable is a primary care physician and can provide those conventional type services.

 More and more physicians are “seeing the light” and go out and take a weekend course. They come back and claim to be holistic physicians. Dr. Grable sets himself apart by having a vast educational and clinical experience.

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